Perfect Timing

I stood in my kitchen, gazing out the window above the sink as the falling snow added more and more to the thick white blanket, covering the ground. Just days ago, the earth still resembled its fall attire. The tree branches, barely clothed, slowly shedding the last of their leaves. The ground still predominately green with life. This snow was a nearly unpredicted occurrence. The local weather stations were calling for a chance of a flurry and were met with a foot, and gaining. I can’t say I’m surprised that the weather forecast was wrong. What astounded me was how this snow came at such a perfect time. It was mid-December, and people were starting to fret that there wouldn’t be a white Christmas. This snow came at the perfect time. People were becoming angry and hostile with one another. They can only put up with the cold and the mere promise of snow for so long. This snow came at the perfect time. People started to notice the absence of Thomas Hughes. He went missing 2 days before the storm hit, and started to cause a small panic amongst the people. When his disappearance became more of a known issue, people decided that they would send a search team out in the morning, this morning, but the roads and woods are too dangerous and burdening to have people perform a search. This snow came at the perfect time. By the time this snow clears away, the ground that lay on top of the recent corpse will not look out of place. It will look only like a victim of the immense pressure of the snow, and if it doesn’t melt till the spring, the body will decay faster with the rising temperature. This snow couldn’t have came at a more perfect time.

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