A Natural Occurance Meets A Natural Reaction

You can not make the stars shine brighter. You can not ask the ocean to be still. You can not get the wind to blow this way or that. Nor can you decide that it is time to stop raining. Acts of nature are not something that can be broken or bent at whim. They wield a mystical dominance over all else. We can beg and plead, kick and scream, cry and shout, and curse the heavens to hell, but the natural course will not falter. But we are adaptable. We’ve learned that there’s a more vivid picture in the sky, out away from the city. We’ve made water sports out of waves. We’ve accepted the invitation of adventure by taking the wind in our sails. To stay dry, we grab an umbrella or remain inside. Some of us even refine our dancing skills under the pouring sky. When we can’t change what’s in front of us, we change how we look at it. Nature is not “set in its ways”. It is exactly how it is. How we handle it is up to us. Whether we dance in the rain, grab an umbrella, or simply stay inside, how we react is our choice. It could be wise to remember this when dealing with people as well.

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