Knowledge Is Power

If you’re a poor man, playing a rich man’s game, do you expect to win? The common answer is, “no”. How would I know how to play? Do I have to dress and act a certain way? Could I even afford the ante to enter their game? Why would I have any confidence, sitting at their table, as a challenger?

If you’re a poor man, playing a rich man’s game, how do you possibly expect to win? I am going to win because I have spent hours studying the game. I’ve spent days practicing the game. I’ve observed the players and I’ve taken books worth of notes, in silence. I’ve spent what little I had to compete against them, and inarguably lost, but not without seeing the game from a seat at their table. Now I have knowledge. Now I have power. I take my seat at their table once again, a poor man. They will scoff. They may ridicule. But when I leave my seat, I will push in my chair, a richer man.

Destruction Blossoms Creation

Do not be afraid when the rug is swept out from under your feet. Do not be afraid when your walls go up in flames, and your support beams give out, and the roof you’ve limited yourself under comes crashing down. For you are now back on the raw ground of the earth. Here, you will heal. Here, you will grow. And when it comes time to build again, your progress will be steady and true. For you have now established firm roots.