The Opportunity to Adventure is Now

To live a life of adventure, or at least have adventures, one must BE adventurous. It is unlikely that adventure will fall out of the sky, onto you. You have to create your own adventure(s). Adventure may not fall out of the sky, but if you’re clever enough, you can use the occurrence of rain to run under a tree, or into a coffee shop, or share a taxi with someone. Go someplace that you’ve never been before, even if it’s somewhere you pass on your regular, everyday route. Meet a stranger. Open a book. Adventure is like opportunity’s more frequently visiting brother. They both knock, but will not enter unless you answer their call. Every opportunity is an adventure, and every adventure usually leads to opportunity. Where opportunity may only come around once, every so often, adventure is around every corner. In every store. In every path less traveled. In every person you come across. Adventure is in the most simple of things. Every opportunity leads to adventure. Take the next opportunity to explore just a little farther out of your boundaries. OPEN THE DOOR.

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