What It Really Means To Live Like It’s Your Last Day

It’s been said that to enjoy life to the fullest, one must live like it is their last day alive. I believe this to be true, but I also believe the meaning has been misconstrued. To “live like today’s your last”, has been considered to mean that one must do as much as they’ve ever wanted to do, in that given day. Although, as encouragingly lively as that concept may be, I feel that idea has strayed from what it really mean to live like today’s your last. Let’s face it. Each person has at least 5 things they hop to accomplish in life, and if that person can accomplish those 5 goals, then I offer my applause, but it is not likely that they will pull that feat off in just one day. To live life to the fullest, in the sense of attempting to cram great accomplishments into one day, is not the right idea. I feel that, with that mindset, there is an unreasonable and unbearable amount of pressure placed on the individual. That kind of pressure can even be crippling to one’s thought process and therefore mood. For me, to truly live like it’s your last day on Earth is to simply go about your day in the most positive mindset, and with the most pure intentions. Granted, there must be a great deal of spontaneity and opportunity seeking, but to live like it’s your last is to have a bountiful appreciation for your life as well as everything and everyone around you. Imagine that you have a job where some of your coworkers tend to rake your nerves, and unfortunately like most jobs, working there is not what you’d rather be doing with your time. Now there are 2 different ways one can approach their work day, if they are trying to live like it’s their last day. That person can come into work, slack off immensely, (if they even show up) and give their occasionally annoying coworkers a piece of their resentment. OR, that person can show up to work, do their job as efficiently as possible, and try their best to be friendly and positive towards their coworkers. If the person following the first method happens to make it through the night without dying, then that person has made their workplace more hostile, if they even have a job to come back to. The person following the second method has not only impressed management by performing their job efficiently positively, and with clear effort, but they have also set up the foundation for establishing better bonds with their coworkers. To truly “live like it is your last day alive” is not to attempt to accomplish your life goals, and do only the things you want, in one day, but to seek opportunity, be spontaneous, and retain a positive attitude and mindset towards yourself and others, not matter what. Tomorrow is never promised, but it is always beneficial to set yourself up for a better tomorrow.

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