The Secret To Happiness

Be grateful. Who would’ve thought that the secret to happiness would be so simple, right? Too good to be true? Far from it. Now you’re probably thinking, “But I am grateful”. When was the last time you gave thanks before your meal, and I’m not talking about thanking the server who brought you your food. When is the last time you took a few seconds out of your existence, cleared your mind of all thought, and simply said to no one, “thank you for this meal”? When was the last time you hauled ass through a yellow light, right before it turned red? When was the last time that you you took a few seconds out of your existence to express gratitude for missing the penalty of a traffic ticket, by just a few seconds? Have you ever just been joking around with a couple friends and started to think, “I’m really happy these people are in my life. I’m really grateful they’re here”? Take those few seconds, and tell me that you can’t help but appreciate the company of the people you get to call “friends”. Wiggle your toes. When’s the last time you were thankful for the able-body that you have? This body that allows us to move and dance and be awkward as possible whenever we get nervous. This foot that may tap off-beat, but still feels the music regardless. To still be breathing is a gift. To have the freedoms that we do, is a gift. To be able to experience the good and the bad and feel different ways about both, on a limitless spectrum, is a gift. What we have to do, is what we GET to do. What we’re ABLE to do. Start recognizing the things that make your life the way it is, and simply express gratitude for those things. If we choose to over look being thankful, we tend to forget about the little things that make our life so great. Turns out, it really is the little things that matter most. Thank you so much for reading.

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