My mind is quite an interesting space to be. It’s not always exciting but nor is it always calm. I can’t say it’s extraordinary, but it is almost never dull, and is absolutely never average. The balance of my mind teeters back and forth on the fence that divides sanity and madness, like a tight rope walker whose had a few drinks. It is not always a good time here, but it is also not always a bad time either. The only constant of my mind, is the fact that it is forever changing. My mind is quite an interesting space to be. I wish I was better at expressing myself in the flesh, so that I could take more of you on a ride, but I’m still working on that. I think that’s one of the reasons I write. To be able to anonymously invite you into a space, where you’re not sure what to expect. To give you a glimpse of the behind the scenes of my person. Feel free to keep your hands outside the vehicle if you wish. Seat belts are recommended, but not required. My mind is easy to get lost in if you fall off the tracks. You have been warned. Please, take your time and float around a bit. Enjoy the ride.

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