Don’t Be Like A Groundhog

As I was working on a free-write, and stopped to let my thoughts flow out for a bit, I noticed the shadow of my arm. I then noticed the hair on my arm cast a shadow as well. Tiny, individual, black lines and curves appeared on my paper now! And I thought, “My god! What an insignificantly small thing to still create a shadow!” It is from that, that I got this:

No matter how small, insignificant, unnoticed, or invisible you may feel, you still have a place here in this world. Your shadow is proof that you exist. It is proof that you have an affect on the world around you. No matter how much of an outcast you may think you are. No matter how isolated you may feel. Wait for that sunny day, and then notice all the shadows that you can. Every person, animal, tree, cloud, structure, etc. creates a shadow. After you have noticed all the shadows, step out into the sun and find yours. You are alike and a part of everything and everyone around you. Even thought you feel small, you still matter. Your shadow is proof of your existence. Your heartbeat is proof of your life. Your consciousness is proof of your ability to create the life you want. There are some dark days out there, and they can last awhile. It’s important to wait for the brighter days. And don’t be like the ground hog, my friend. Embrace your shadow.

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