Don’t Let Your Inner Hype Man Die

I have just experienced a blessing, but do you want to know what has been happening up to this point? Stress. I am here to help you get through the period of time that has to pass, in order for a possibly life-altering decision to be made.

  1. Acceptance: No matter how bad the situation, you must learn to accept what ever it is that has happened. There is usually a period of disbelief that follows bad news. The more time you deny that what has happened, happened, the more time you waste. Towards the end of disbelief comes a scarier thought: “This is really happening”.
  2. Understanding the Consequences: If you’re anything like me, when a really stressful event happens, you tend to think too much and too far ahead. Once you accept the happening as reality, it is important to come to terms with what the consequences are or might be. Often times, worse does come to worst. Don’t sugar coat anything. The truth of what may happen will manifest eventually, it’s just better to be prepared for it. Intentionally, lightly kicking the leg of a table may hurt, but accidentally stubbing your toe on the leg of a table hurts 5 times more.  If the worst happens, what should be done next? ONLY THINK 1 STEP AHEAD HERE. Do not commit yourself to thinking that you will do this next step, the future has yet to be present.
  3. Get Ready For the Finale: Once you have accepted the reality of the situation and understood the possible consequences, it’s time to build yourself back up. We all have a hype man/woman/being inside of us. They have been dazed and confused due to all the recent stress, therefore, silent as well. By thinking one step ahead of the worst, you have already increased your confidence in handling the situation. It is time to remind yourself that you are capable to make the best out of any challenge. Prepare to rip your situation a fucking new one. Focus on your current success, whatever it may be.

Whatever is going to happen, is going to happen, you’ve already accepted that. You understand what could happen, and you are now prepared for both the best and the worst. Time will pass. Challenges will become memories. You’ll have learned what to do, or not to do, for the future.


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