Life In The Fast Lane (1..2…3. Break!)

Friday was my 3rd day of fasting, and all in all, was fairly easy. Very little hunger. Still kinda tired, but not dramatically fatigued like I was on the 2nd day. I moved some things out of my old house and into the new, but that was the extent of my physical labor for the day. I decided to break the fast around 5pm. I broke the fast with beet juice (bleh, I know but forgot) and an apple. Later, I ate a ginger/carrot soup with some cooked vegetables in it. Today (Saturday) I’m feeling back to normal. Only had a banana for breakfast but my lunch and dinner portions have returned to the portions I am used to. My appetite is back and so is the room in my stomach, so it feels. This experience has been an interesting one. I think I will start intermittent fasting again, for the sake of the benefits to mental clarity and (body) energy conservation. I read yesterday (in the opinion of one very experience person) that the most powerful benefits of fasting do not come until the 4th day of fasting and after. The benefits that the author of the article I read refered to were more heavily associated with emotional/mental/spiritual detoxing then anything. The author had previously done a 21 day fast. Yeah, 21 DAYS. After the fast, I’ve been trying to be good to my body on terms of what I am eating, but my perspective on what I eat has not changed dramatically, like some people say that they experience post-fast. I eat a mostly vegetarian diet as is. Weird thing is that fasting made me think more of “I don’t care what kind of food it is, I’m hungry”, but I’m confident that was just because of the thoughts of tastes teasing me.


I wish I would have done some refresher research into fasting before starting the journey. A useful tip I read was to make breakfast the last meal you eat so that when you break your fast, you will be breaking it on you BREAK   FAST  meal. My last meal, before beginning the fast, was at about 10pm on Tuesday night. Ideally, I should have started my fast after breakfast on Tuesday and broke my fast on Friday morning. Because the schedule I chose (along with work schedule), I only fasted for around 60 hours instead of 72 of more. A big tip for success when fasting: SET YOURSELF UP FOR GREAT NIGHTS FULL OF SLEEP. Lack of sleep or quality sleep has definitely impaired my fasting experience. When fasting, your body needs all the rest it can get and sleep is CRUCIAL for that.

So, All in All,

Fasting wasn’t as difficult as I expected it to be. As long you hold the understanding that you’re not going to eat, even though you’re going to get hungry, fasting is pretty easy. Fasting didn’t produce any noticeable dramatic changes in myself, that I notice. I didn’t know what I was expecting change wise, to be honest. I do feel a litle bit more clearer, mentally, and have a greater desire to treat my body better though. I’ll probably go for another prolonged fast in 2018. Next time I’ll make sure to go 4 or 5 days instead. I greatly encourage all of you to research the benefits of intermittent and prolonged fasting. Definitely make sure you do your research before deciding to fast. Thanks for joining me on this journey!