Let It Flow To You

A tale of a man whom has no plan but is content enought that the world works for him.

Have you ever noticed that the moment you stop asking the world to work for you is the precise moment that it starts to? Like a playfully stubborn horse; no matter how hard you may try to get the horse to drink, it defies you. And you know how the saying goes. “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make em drink.” It is only when you stop fighting and go about your business that nature can take its course.

“Jonny, are you telling me that I should just give up??” Not what I’m saying here. When on a (horse back) journey, your main goal is not to make your horse drink. To lead your horse to water is not your goal at all, but because you crave control, you put so much emphasis on the horse that you become fixated and then frustrated. And just because you are able to lead your horse to water, doesn’t mean the horse will drink, that’s another battle entirely. I am saying to let the horse be. Put up your tent, tend to the fire, take a rest, do whatever aids you. If the horse does not drink, so be it. Most times, after doing all that you can to ensure a smooth remainder of your journey, you’ll turn around to check on the horse, only to find it quenching its thirst.

Go With the Flow, Not the Fish

What does it really mean to “go with the flow”? So many people seem to have adopted this phrase as a way of labeling their personality. “I’m a really laid back, go with the flow kind of person”. Well what does that mean to you? “I just don’t really care about the small stuff and uhh I’m spontaneous and uhhh I’m down for whatever” Okay, some of the right intentions are there, but let’s refine this. First off, let’s kill this “I don’t care” outlook on life. It’s cliche’ and untrue. If you feel that you have to exclaim that you don’t care, then you obviously do. And you should, for it’s a waste of time to deny how you feel. Now, to not let all the worries, whether they be miniscule or major, throw you off your game would be a better explanation. To go with the flow is not to be “down for whatever”, either. I’m going to dust off the rusted and worn relic when I say this but, if all of your friends jumped off a bridge, would you? Again, the right intentions are there, but let’s dig deeper. Going with the flow is about being open to new experiences and not being too nervous to take chances. Understand though, that one knows when those experiences and risks are outside of what they think is best. Being able to willfully decide for or against something plays a major role in all of this. I’ve realized that going with the flow is all about traveling, peacefully, through the current that the individual creates for themselves. No matter what outside force brings pressure on you, you simply roll with the punches and stay adaptable to change. Nothing about going with the flow is about following the crowd, or doing what the majority does. Others may enter your current for a period of time, but you know when and where they make their own route. After all, the fish who fights their current to stay with the school may end up in the belly of the same whale as the school.